By Mike Mooneyham

Oct. 10, 2004

For “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the real world seems to be merely an extension of the colorful character he portrays in the fantasy world of professional wrestling. In fact, it’s not much of a stretch at all.

Austin’s seemingly never-ending travails with his ex-girlfriend and former adult film actress, Tess Broussard, have resurfaced on the pages of supermarket tabloids.

A week after revealing that Broussard had pleaded guilty to solicitation of prostitution charges in 2003, the National Enquirer reported that the Texas Rattlesnake has filed a $125 million lawsuit against Broussard. Austin’s estranged love interest previously had filed a $10 million lawsuit against him following an incident in August at a Beverly Hills restaurant where she was charged with stabbing his business manager with a steak knife. Austin, whose real name is Steve Williams, had attempted to give Broussard a $1.5 million check to end their relationship and move on.

The latest lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that earlier this year Broussard put a gun in Austin’s mouth in a jealous rage because he had friends visiting his Texas home where both were living at the time. The suit goes on to claim that Broussard also broke into the 39-year-old wrestler’s home and carved up his walls and furniture with a knife, and stole his eight WWE championship belts.

Steve Austin

Steve Austin

The Los Angeles Times had reported in August that Henry Garza, lead guitarist of Texas rock band Los Lonely Boys, claimed that he saw Broussard pull a gun on Austin. “She put it right up to Steve’s head, like she was trying to get him to do something,” he said. “Then she pointed it at me, which was when I really got scared.”

Broussard, who says Austin abused her during their rocky two-year relationship, claimed that she recalled “playing” with a gun but never pointed it at anyone and “didn’t pick it up in anger.” Austin’s lawsuit counters that the 105-pound Broussard was abusive and irrational due to excess drinking and drug abuse.

One of the more interesting aspects of Austin’s suit is the allegation that not only did Broussard mislead him about her name and her “porn-star past,” she claims she is 39, but is actually a “51-year-old spurned lover.” Broussard’s attorney claims the charges are “fantasies” and “the acts of a desperate man.”

Details of the suit follows a report in the Enquirer that Broussard was charged with solicitation of prostitution early last year. According to the tabloid, Broussard had worked as a prostitute using another name when she was arrested by undercover police officers at a Los Alamitos, Calif., hotel on Jan. 15, 2003, approximately around the time she met Austin. Broussard, who reportedly arrived at the hotel with 113 condoms in her purse, pleaded guilty to the charges and received a $600 fine, 80 hours of community service, probation and also had to attend an AIDS awareness program.

Broussard was the “victim of an overzealous sting operation,” according to her attorney, who says she only pleaded guilty to spare her family and friends the ordeal of a trial.

– Ric Flair and Vince McMahon had a backstage blow-up over unauthorized comments Flair made during his promo Monday night on Raw. McMahon reportedly was upset due to the fact that a number of WWE sponsors and advertisers were in attendance at the Madison Square Garden show.

Flair’s remarks were edited off the United Kingdom airing of Raw.

– Shawn Michaels is the favorite to challenge Triple H for the WWE heavyweight title Oct. 19 at the Tabboo Tuesday interactive pay-per-view. The voting won’t be open until after Raw ends on Oct. 18 and will continue through the pay-per-view the following day.

– Former WWF valet Marianna Komlos, who appeared with the company for a short stint during 1999-2000, passed away Sept. 26 following a lengthy battle with breast cancer. Komlos was 35.

The female bodybuilder worked briefly for the WWF as Mrs. Cleavage, mother of ill-fated character Beaver Cleavage (former Headbanger Chaz Warrington), and later as Marianna, Chaz’s girlfriend.

The Canadian-born Komlos, who had been ill for more than a year, had been featured in dozens of muscle and fitness magazines, and had won a number of bodybuilding competitions.

– Joyce Frazier, who married WWF performer Uncle Elmer (Stan Frazier) in a well-publicized wedding on NBC in 1985, passed away earlier this year in Akron, Ohio. She was in her early 60s.

The wedding, which was pushed as a media spectacle, aired as part of NBC’s Saturday Night Main Event, in the time slot normally occupied by Saturday Night Live. Mrs. Frazier’s dress reportedly was appraised at $7,800, and Andre The Giant (who served as part of the wedding entourage) was paid main-event money for his appearance. Tiny Tim, who married 17 years earlier on NBC, also was added to the event.

The Fraziers repeated the ceremony backstage under their real names for legal reasons, and renewed their vows in 1986 at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis.

The 6-10, 400-pound Stan Frazier, who began wrestling professionally in the ’60s and worked under such names as The Convict and Plowboy Frazier, died in 1992 of kidney failure at age 54. He enjoyed his final major run in the WWF during the mid-’80s despite failing health. He was a member of a contingent known as The Hillbillies. The group was comprised of Uncle Elmer (Frazier), Hillbilly Jim (Jim Morris), Cousin Junior (Lanny Kean) and Cousin Luke (Gene Petit).

– Superstar Billy Graham (Wayne Coleman) underwent hernia surgery Thursday. The operation reportedly was a success, although it was more difficult than expected due to the severity of the repair that had to be done.

Surgery had been considered necessary rather than elective since Graham’s immune system had been compromised from the anti-rejection medication that he has had to take to protect his new liver. Three large hernias that resulted from his liver not working properly before his transplant were repaired.

Graham was expected to be back home by the weekend.

– Booker T (Booker Huffman) did not make Smackdown’s recent European tour due to health issues.

– Billy Gunn (Kip Sopp) has been taken off the road and sent to rehab.

– JBL, for reasons no one can explain, made the peculiar statement that he had “less athletic ability than a drunk elephant” during a recent interview with MSNBC. If the WWE champion is serious about his lack of athleticism, national TV probably isn’t the forum in which to make that remark. And if the line merely was an attempt at self-deprecating humor, it really flies in the face of the character he portrays in WWE and undercuts the value of the title.

Layfield, who was interviewed along with Mick Foley prior to a debate, had been asked if the debate would remain civil or be fought under WWE rules. Layfield said he wanted it to remain an intellectual debate without anything physical before offering the odd statement.

Layfield and Foley were both said to have come across well in the debate held at the University of Miami, with Foley reportedly getting the nod due to the largely pro-Democratic audience.

– WWE talent chief Johnny Ace (John Laurinaitis), who occasionally plays a heel role in Ohio Valley Wrestling, may be WWE’s top heel at company headquarters in Stamford, Conn. Ace continues to be a heat magnet behind the scenes and has drawn heavy criticism in recent weeks over the new dress code policy and the firing of longtime trainer Dr. Tom Prichard.